Endnote sync function is a disaster

everytime, when you syns your document, it is either very slow to sysn between mac and PC and PC to PC. 

it also make all your files disorganized and create many rediculous snnc conflict and duplication which should not be there. 

can we trust this software?

it is never works. and tried stupidly to install thousands of /styles/ connections into your computer which people just needs few.

Meil on täpselt sama probleem. Kõik oli kahekordne nii võrgus kui ka põhiprogrammi arvutis. Midagi ei saa teha. Clarivate Analytics peab meile selle jama hüvitama või andma meile tasuta uue täiustatud versiooni. Ainult probleemid.

We have exactly the same problem. Everything was double both online and on the computer in the main program. Nothing can be done. Clarivate Analytics must reimburse us for this ***edit*** or give us a new, improved version for free. Only problems…