Compatibility with Windows Vista

I have used ProCite in all versions since 1990 and do not want to change to a different bibliographic reference manager. I use ProCite for notes on all articles in my reprint collection, as well as to prepare research grants and scholarly articles.

I have Windows XP and worry that some day I will have to upgrade to Vista, with the problems that come with that. This may especially be true when I get a new computer, because I understand it is very difficult to get a new PC without Vista these days, or to install Windows XP onto a new computer.

Is the current version of ProCite compatible with Vista?

Hello, vwmark:

While there are some minor incompatibilities, our testing shows that it should be possible to install and run ProCite on Windows Vista. Of greater concern, though, is compatibility with Word 2007 – ProCite has major incompatibilities with this version of Office. 

You can see more detailed information on our website

I hope this helps! Have a great day. 

It works fine on my Vista 64-bit and 32-bit computers – except for CWYW which I never used.

You are probably good until Microsoft stops supporting 32-bit applications – a long way off. (In the upcoming Windows 7 they WILL stop compatability with 16-bit programs but I think Procite is 32 bit???). 

I have transferred Procite to my netbook with Windows 7 and it works. However, I skipped Vista.