Reference Manager compatibility with Vista 64-bit

Dear TRF,

Does anyone know if Reference Manager is fully compatible with Vista 64-bit OS and word 2007? I bought Endnote X2 and had non-stop problems associated with it, even with the recent patch. It, and Word 2007 became so unusable and unstable that I’ve uninstalled it completely.

Before I make the same mistake this time, are there any known compatibility issues with RM 11 or 12 and 64bit Vista OS?

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…deafening silence from Thomson Reuters Forums. I will then assume that there are exactly the same problems as endnote X2.

How about Thomson Reuters actually make a bug free 64 bit compatible reference manager???  There have been a great deal of complaints for a long time now about the lack of compatability with 64 bit systems and word 2007. Given that there are increasing numbers of these 64 bit systems utilizing quad core systems with >4Gb RAM is it not inevitable that you’re going to have to come to the party???

Any response would be greatly appreciated

I would highly recommend switching over to Biblioscape.  It works with Vista 64 bit and is constantly being enhanced.  Extremely good support, program evolves with user input.  Check out .  The software is much more advanced, yet easy to use-- than Endnote anyways.

Thomson Reuters apparently has no interest in fixing it, if they did it would have already be done along time ago.  It’s too bad, as Endnote/Reference Manager were good reference management softwares at an earlier time…

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