Compiling a bibliography from several chapters

Hi there

At the moment my bibliography is at the end of each chapter of my thesis as the drafts have been saved as seperate documents. Other than combining every chapter into a single document, can anybody recomend a good way to pull the bibliography into one? At the moment I’m planning to cut and paste, I just want to know if theirs a smarter way to do it.


Really you want to combine the chapters into one document. is a good quick walk true.  

And this one has similar info in documents using templates.

PS  Another option is to use “master documents” (but I don’t use them, so am not sure if there are still problems with that – the speaker in the 2nd video strongly recommends not to).  But here are instructions if you want to try it. – remember you still want to unformat the citations before combining – and you want to make sure you have all the records available in your library before doing so.

Thanks Leanne,

I will have a look at both of these.