complete fragmentary EndNote-entries via web of science

i have some fragmentary EndNote-data (e.g. only author-, title- and publishingyeardata) that i would like to ‘update’ somehow online by just marking it and then complete it via web of science. Has anyone an idea if that’s possible?

Not except manually.  But you can delete and reimport? :wink:

This is a long-standing enhancement request that we have on our master “to do” list to add into EndNote at some point.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

mhhh… the problem is that i have a huge bunch of entries like that. Of course i could do like you suggested but i hoped to save some time somehow… but thanks for answering :wink:

So you think there’s no chance to manage that somehow…?

Cripes! It would have been really helpful.

Thanks for answering that fast…