ENDNOTE "UPDATE" version 7.8

Hate to say this but for an app that I use many hours a day I believe that tech support is LAGGING big time behind some simple updates. 

I know for a fact that almost all users use PubMed on the online side of EndNote and yet going from Local Library side to Online Side does not default to PubMed.  How many of you have gotten no results from your search only to find that you had not clicked on PubMed.  Come on Thomson Reuters.

I am using an iMac and all my downloads of citations always have a lot of garbage in the NOTES section that is apparently downloaded from PubMed.  I end up deleting this “stuff” and using it to enter my own notes pertinent, of course, to the citation.  How can we delete this garbage in this field.  Trying other fields does not allow me to enter my own personal notes.  I also use the Research Notes to enter the corresponding author’s email address per the pdf, if obtained.  So give me the option of an open field rather than have me download meaningless data. 

Next, if you restrieve a citation and delete the notes field and then enter a rating, what you deleted in the notes field comes back.  I would consider this some kind of bug.  If you delete the “stuff” from PubMed in the Notes field and enter anything, then rate the article, all is OK.  

Still think EndNote on the Mac is an ugly appearing drab, colorless app.  Why not add some color to EndNote for Mac users. 

That’s all. I vented but expect nothing to be done, depite bringing on probably 100 new users of EndNote this past year. 

Stephen B. Strum, MD, FACP

Hello, Dr Strum:

My name is Gillian Neff and I’m the Product Manager for EndNote. I wanted to respond to your post personally as we take input like yours very seriously. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide it!

If I understand your first issue correctly, you are struggling with switching from the local library mode to the online search mode, that it does not automatically remember the last resource you searched. That’s very good feedback. Typically, we wouldn’t want to automatically default to PubMed as there are users in many other industries for whom PubMed wouldn’t be helpful. However, I definitely see how remembering what you searched last – whatever that may be – could be useful. I’ll make sure it makes it into our backlog for consideration for a future version.

As for the notes – by default EndNote does put this information into the notes if there’s nowhere else that seems appropriate. That way no information is lost, and if it’s something the user wants they can move it to wherever they’d like. However, if none of that information is ever useful for you, it’s actually possible to edit the PubMed filter and/or connection file to drop this information entirely. Technical support would be happy to help you with that – if you send me a private message with your email address I can open a ticket for you and have them reach out to you directly.

The issue you describe with the ratings definitely seems strange! I have tried but I’m unable to replicate. If you choose to open that ticket with tech support, we’ll see if they can figure out what’s causing it. 

On the colorscheme – I hear you. We follow the Apple recommendations for app design that are available at the time of release to the letter. Recently their requirements have been a little on the subtle side, coloration-wise. We’ll see if we can be any more flexible on that in any releases to come, or perhaps Apple will change their requirements.

Again, our warmest thanks for your feedback. Have a great day!

hello there - i just updated to 7.8 on my Macintosh Powerbook Pro. I am wondering what version of MSWord for Mac is now compatible. I am running 15.4.0 but would happily go to a more modern version if possible.