Complex author names - use of acronyms in in-text citations

Authors regularly replace complex author names with acronyms, eg. North East Cathchment Management Authority (NECMA), in both the body of their text, and in in-text citations. The full authors name still appears in the reference list, together with a corresponding cross reference, eg. NECMA see North East Cathchment Management Authority.

After completing work on a document, together with an EN generated reference list; an author then has to convert the formated refs to plain text, and use search and replace in Word to replace the full name with an acronym, and then insert cross references in the reference list

Complex author names that are replaced in a document with an acronym could be managed in in-text citations in much the same way as journal title abbreviations, ie. change the author term list so that includes a field for an acronym. Output styles could then have an option to replace the full  author name in the in-text citation with an acronym that has been entered in in the corresponding term list field.

A similar process is already used to manage journal abbrev. in the journal term list. The only novel process would the insertion of the cross references in a reference list.

Greg Fry

Team leader, Faculty liaison

Charles Sturn University

I have handled this by editing the citation to exclude author (and exclude year if needed) and then put the acronym as a prefix.  This way the reference was complete & accurate in the bibliography but I could control when I wanted it to appear in the text as acronym.

N. Elder

University of Texas at Austin 


This is a neat work around, even if it does still leave you having to manually edit the list of references to include the ‘see xxx’ references.

Greg Fry

Charles Sturt University, Library