Use abbreviated name in citation

I have a citation where the “author” is a corporate group, e.g. International Commission For The Repeal Of Too Long Names.

When I do in text citations that can easily take up half a line and I would like to be able to put in a short version in the citation e.g. ICFTR but leave the entire name in the bibliography.  As an alternative use the abbreviation as the author name and force a text string of the long name in the bibliography.  Any ideas?

I recommend right click, edit citation, hide author, and add a prefix (under more…) with the abbreviation.  A bit of a pain, if you use it alot, but easier than trying to create alternative reference types and templates for each style.  Once you add it once, you can also copy it and paste it for other times you use it in the manuscript.  

This FAQ gives the same workaround as Leanne suggests, but it also shows a way of getting EndNote to make a cross-reference in your bibliography from the acronym to the full name.