Reference sorting difficulties and journal name capitalization inconsistency


I am editing an article where the journal asked us to use ‘Harvard Appendix 2’ style. Since the EndNote version I used on the PC only has ‘Harvard’, I chose to edit the output myself. 

For articles with the same first author name, they want us to put the one they write as a single author first in the reference list followed by the ones they write with others. I have included their guide for reference. 

I have 2 articles with the same first author. One of it was written with a co-author. Both were published in the same year. The other references were written by different first authors. 

Based on what I understand from the instruction, I chose ‘First Author + Year + Other Authors’ option in ‘Sort Order’ in the ‘edit output style’. 

However, when I update the bibliography in MS Word, the document keep on sorting the one with a co-author at the top. 

I played around with the setting and change the date of publication, making the one with co-author published later. The list is persistent and didn’t change. I have tried other sorting options but nothing happened. 

I noticed that in the library, the record sort the list the right way (the one the author wrote as a sole author is at the top, while the one s/he wrote with another author is listed as second). 

Is there another way this problem can be solved without doing it manually? 

I have included some screenshots for everyone’s reference. 

Thank you in advance. 

Ref prob 04.jpg
Ref prob 01.jpg
Ref prob 02.jpg

Which version of Endnote are you using and could you clarify using “Other Authors” as a sort field as I don’t see it available in EndNote X7.7.1 – or are you using a custom for the other authors? Could you attach your output style file?

Have you tried the 

First Author +


of Authors +


I think that would work, but not entirely sure I tested it with the appropriate examples.  Would want that Other Authors option that is in the preset options, but not in Custom, for some reason?