Concise style needed.

Hi, I’m using EndnoteWeb and need a bibliographic style with a reference list that is super-concise as I’m writing a document where space is an issue.  All of the citations are journal articles.

Ideally I’d like it just to have: author1 et al, year, journal, vol, pages.

Because you can’t edit any of the styles in EndnoteWeb I’m struggling to find a style from the massive list that matches my needs.  Even a style without the article title would be useful.

Any suggestions?



You could try an author-date output style like “APA 6th” but you might need to modify the style’s journal article template to omit the DOI field so the info doesn’t appear in the bibliography. If your references do not have DOI info then modification may not be necessary.  However, if you do need to modify the APA output style you may need to shift to working from EndNote Web to working on your computer as EndNote Web may not accommodate user-defined style modifications.