Conditional appearance of fields

Please add the ability to have fields’ appearance in citation or bibliography be dependent on other fields. For example, in footnotes it is often customary to cite the complete page range of a book or article if there are no “Cited Pages”. So in this instance, Cited Pages would take precedence, but if it was blank then Pages would be inserted.


I wholeheartedly agree – conditional formating dependent on fields and field values would be very useful; it is a feature in EndNote that I’ve wanted for quite a long time.

One example I’ve come across in which conditional output would have been helpful was a biological sciences style that for books required series and series number if present, otherwise place of publication and publisher name. Another example would be handling some of the complexities of styles such as APA 6th and most legal citation styles. Sometimes there’s a workaround, but the workarounds can render references less usable for other styles.




I can’t believe so few people are asking for this!!!

It is basic.

I hope they listen…

I wholeheartedly agree too.

I want to be able to use a single journal article reference type for print and online journal formats, and their different permutations. Imported citations don’t distinguish print article and electronic article formats, necessitating manually choosing one or the other. 

The field substitutions capability (if the volume and pages fields are empty, use DOI), works in the case of an electronic journal with no volume/issues numbers. However, many journals cite these plus a DOI (e.g. print articles that have subsequently been made available online).  Having the option of substituting a DOI if the pages field (alone) is empty looks to be a simple fix for my needs. Or conditional fields formatting.

Thank you. Fred