Add DOI if page number field is empty


I was wondering if there is a way of editing an output style so the bibliography displays the DOI field if the pages field is empty.

I know that there is an field substitution option for when BOTH Volume and Pages fields are empty but this is not what I want.

I want the bibliography to display DOI if ONLY pages field is empty. The reason being that only some online only journals still have a volume number but don’t have a page number, therefore I need to add the DOI for completeness.

Here is the style I would like to edit:

Author (Year) ‘Title’, Journal, Volume|(Issue)|, pp. Pages|.


From your bibliography template it looks like you are trying to modify the Journal Article template (?). If so, suggest you use a custom field to create a second DOI field* (e.g., “NoPagesDOI”), then use this custom field in the bibliography template. (Using the current DOI field becomes problematic as online databases include DOIs when available so in your case journal article references with or without page numbers will display the DOI field in the bibliography.)

After adding the custom field when there is a journal article reference without page numbers you would manually enter the DOI into the custom DOI field (e.g., “NoPagesDOI”) within the Endnote record itself. The bibliography template would then appear as:

Author (Year) ‘Title’, Journal, Volume|(Issue)|, pp. Pages|. NoPagesDOI

Also, depending upon the style guide for your discipline, DOIs may be required. In which case the bibliography template would be modified as this:

Author (Year) ‘Title’, Journal, Volume|(Issue)|, pp. Pages|. DOI|NoPagesDOI

*To create a custom field, go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit > Preferences. In the Endnote Preferences pop-up dialog box, locate and click “Reference Templates” then on the right-side click “Modify Reference Templates”. In the Journal Article template the list of fields until you reach the custom field sections. Select a field and enter a name (e.g., “NoPagesDOI”) – refer to attached image. Click OK to save then click OK to exit the Endnote Preferences dialog box. 

you could then add the Pages to your library display, sort on them and select those with no pages, show only selected references and use the tools>change/move/copy option and copy the DOI to the newly created custome field (which will probably still show as custom field and not the newly named field as it only shows the generic not ref type specific field names).  see attachment for the option settings.