Conditional formatting - edit and move fields during import

I would like EndNote to offer options for conditional formatting during import.

Now I can only write import filters that put a field from the import file on one field of endnote, with no edit options.

If it had conditional formatting you would be able, for instance, to use the PMID from pubmed not only as accession number, butu also to create a link to pubmed, by pasting it in URL field after

Are other high profile users interested in this options too?

it would save me, and my customers at my university hospital much effort (now i teach them to export and import again, but that’s very difficult).

and it’s not only for pubmed, but i can think of many options, for instance have the doi not only as doi, but also as a direct link to the publisher, pagenumber from pubmed corrected (last name full like the other databases).

Can you use the new options to “copy field” and insert the url or doi needed text infront of it?  

yes i think you can (haven’t got X7 yet), but that’s always post importing. too complicated, i woudl like to have that option directly in my import filter, shouldn’t be that hard i think…

think it was there in X6 too… 

ok thanks, have that at home, will try there. at work we don’t update every year, too time consuming. we still have x5 here.

Yes, our institution is on an every 2 to 3 year update cycle too.  

are you the one to decide? i am at our institute (dutch academic hospital).

We had X, then X3 (decision made before me), now we have X5, i don’t think I’ll roll out X7 (partly because of the numerical pdf directory names, and not much really relevant improvements).

what version do you have, and why did you upgrade to that?

I sent a “private message” as I figure the discussion can be taken offline…