Conference poster preset?

I tried to adapt the conference paper preset for a poster, but I can’t adjust the “paper presented at” to “poster presented at.”  Can I modify one of the “unused” presets to accomplish this?

do you need the conference papers ref type for other conf papers?  If not, change the text in the output style for that reference type’s bibliography template.  If you need both, then you should create a new reference type from one of the unused  for the conference posters, and fill all the same fields with the same/similar fields names.  Then add that template to the bibliography list and copy the paper’s template to the poster template and change the word.  

Thanks, this worked.  I first had to copy the field names from Conference Paper to Unused 1.  Then under → edit [output style] → bibliography → templates, I copied the syntax from Conference Paper to my newly created Conference Poster, and changed the word “paper” to “poster,” along with some other syntax tweaks to match APA style.

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can you be more specific in your steps on how to rename the new Reference Type/Unused 1?

I am having the same issue with conference posters and I would like to know what are the steps to be able to add this kind of references to my EndNote library.

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I think this youtube video might help step thru the process?