Configurable in-text citation range separator for Endnote


I’m from Nanyang Technological University and affiliates of the university have license for use of Endnote XI.

I’ve seen a friend who used Procite v5.0.3. When he is writing a manuscript for IEEE Transactions, his in-text citations can have styles such as “[1],[2]” or “[1]-[4]” or “[1],[3]-[5]”. This is the correct style used in IEEE publications. However, the IEEE style for endnote resulted in “[1,2]” or “[1-4]” or “[1,3-5]”, which is incorrect. 

I tried to configure my IEEE output style in Endnote, but the citations->templates->multiple citation separator is configurable to “],[” to achieve “[1],[2]”, but there is no such configuration for range separator to achieve “[1]-[4]”. The range separator in endnote is fixed to “-”. On the other hand, this is configurable in Procite v5.0.3 to “]-[”. Thus, every time I update my citations, I have to manually correct the in-text citations.

I kinda like the new Endnote X1, but this incorrect IEEE output style is rather irritating. Hence, I suggest adding a configurable in-text citation range separator for the output styles in upcoming versions of Endnote. That will help to correct the IEEE output style.

Appreciate if the relevant personnel can look into this,

Dr. Ang Kai Keng