Conflict EndNote online & Endnote X9 Cite While You Write


A rather tricky question one of our users has installed EndNote online Cite While You Write in MS Word 2016 on her Windows 10 computer. She has also installed EndNote X9 On the same computer. The problem is that it´s Endnote Online CWYW that is shown in the word tab not Endnote X9 CWYW.

We have really hard time uninstalling the Online CWYW.

I have tried following the instructions  found on Endnote FAQ.

However when we go to _Add/Remove Program _We can´t find the Endnote Online/Web there.

So next I tried to disable Online CWYW in Word, COM-Add-ons, it worked. But I could not find and activate the X9 CWYW version. Any tips or tricks how to proceed? Would be very grateful.

Kind Regards!

Mikael Rosell

Linköping University  library, Sweden

You should not need to uninstall EndNote or EndNote online instead in Word you can switch the tab from EndNote X9 to EndNote online using the steps on our website.