[Connection] BiSpDatabases: HTTP Connection


I am trying to create a connection file for www.bisp-datenbanken.de.

It is a HTTP based webfrontend to three databases. I am interested in SPOLIT.

There is already a Citavi Connection File, but I cannot get a connection from EndNote to bisp-datenbanken.

It eithers says “Connection timed out” oder “/About/Disclaimer.html”, shown in an ErrorPopup.

I tried to modify pupmed, as it is also a HTTP-based connection file, but this lead to the errors above.

Maybe someone can give me a hint. Or is there a detailled howto for creating connection files?

I attach the Citavi Connection File.

Thank you!

Tobias Kaminsky

DE_BISp_SPOLIT.txt (34.9 KB)

Only the developers can create HTTP connection files. Users can only create connection files if the database is available on a Z39.50 server.

Fortunately this database supports direct export to EndNote. Just mark the required references and click on “Auswahl Exportieren.”  At the next screen, at “Ausgabeformat”, select RIS and click “Export starten.”

At the next screen, click on “Download hier”. The references should import directly to your EndNote library.

Thank you. This “solution” is known to me. But I was told to find another, better solution. As it is in compare to other searches in databases (pubmed…) much more effort. Especially, if one searchs very often.

Thank you