Connection Files


I was hoping someone might be able to help me.  Is their another choice besides Z39.50 for connecting to databases in endnote?  We’d love to be able to have the online search go through our ezproxy, but I don’t see a way.  Thanks in advance.



You can only create connection files for Z39.50 servers. As you say, this means that you cannot authenticate to those servers using the normal means (EZproxy). Some vendors will supply you with a username and password for their Z39.50 server, but then you have the problem of communicating that to your users, and changing it regularly to comply with your obligations to ensure that only current students and staff have access to your licensed resources. It’s a hassle.

The EndNote developers are able to create HTTP connection files. These are available for Pubmed and the various Thomson Web of Knowledge databases. But you have the same problem here: I’ve never found a way of using the Web of Knowledge connection files with EZproxy, even though they are using the HTTP protocol.

If anyone knows a way of modifying the Thomson Scientific connection files so that they can be used with EZproxy, I would be very interested.