Connection File -- Batch File Question

I running endnote X and I am working on enhancing the connection file for our OPAC, running on Dynix Horizon system and when I set the option for batch download the imported records do not have the library location information in the Call Number field just the call number which is being pulled from the MARC 050, 090, or 099 field (mostly the 050 field), but when I turn it off the library location information appears along with the call number.  I cannot see where it is pulling this information from, it doesn’t appear in the MARC record.  For library location – our collections are in specific locations such as Media, General Collection, reference, etc. 

Not really a problem but just wondered why this is happening when all the documentation simply states that batch downloading effects whether the records are delivered in batches? 

It is more bothersome that the 099 call number don’t work for the electronic books record type, so I ended up deleting the whole type and the records change to web pages, audiovisual materials and plain book  reference types but at least they have call numbers and locations.  I also don’t like that the call number appears first in the call number field and then the location, this will make modifying an output style more tricky if I want the location before the call number, but again not a major issue. 

If anyone can provide some insight that would be nice.

Thanks — HSM

I don’t know how batch download works, but I have noticed that the Record Syntax setting “OPAC” will often bring in holdings data, whereas “MARC21” will just bring in the bibliographic record. The manual confirms this.

Thanks – I have it set to OPAC in both cases.