Keep having to reselect favourite online search connection

Hi: I keep having to select a library to include in my favourite online searches.  I select the library I’d like to include in the connections manager and click “favourites” and it appears in the online search section of the left window, but then when I quit endnote and then restart it, it’s gone. Very frustrating! Can someone help?

Yours, SJK

In the connection manager, is there a tick in front of the library you want to display? Which version of Endnote and what operating system?  Where is the folder located for your “connections” in preferences. 

Hi, I’m using mac os 15.2, endnote x2 and the folder is located /Users/simon/Documents/EndNote/Connections.  And yes there is a tick.

Any further help?

I can’t without sitting down in front of your computer (and even then, I am not Mac compatible, so it might be a streatch).  I would call Tech support.  It SHOULD work. 

Hi: This problem has reappeared but in a slightly different form. I exported my endnote library to Papers; now, when I do an online search in a library a) none of the favourites appear, even though there are several ticked off in the connection manager and b) the online search switches to a different screen, so that I have no access to the different groups that I have set up within my library.

Any insights?

Yours, Simon Kiss