connection not working exclusively with Pubmed

I’m working with EndNote both in a laptop (home) and in a desktop PC (at work). Pubmed connection always worked in both situations.

Two weeks ago, Pubmed connection stopped working in my laptop. The connection status bar appears, blue “stripes” proceed until the end of the bar, and anything more happens. No error message appears.

Other connection files still work well (eg MEDLINE OvidSP, Oxford library…) and I can still connect to Pubmed through my internet software (Firefox).

I’m using the same connection file I use on my desktop PC.

I’m going crazy!!!

Can anyone help me?



Have you tried redownloading a new pubmed connection file from the support website ( or transferring the one that works to your laptop?  You could rename it and put in in a connections folder in your my documents/endnote folder. 

I tried… but the same connection working in another computer doesn’t work in my laptop… It 's really a problem of the laptop, maybe some settings, but I cannot understand which… neither our PC “administrator” solved this problem…

I read something in old forums about the type of connection protocol, which maybe different for Pubmed, but there’s not a clear solution posted…

thank you…