No connection with PubMed (NLM) can be established

I cannot get a connection to the PubMed server any more. This error (see attached error message) persists even after installing the latest EndNote version, all possible updates and the new connection file.

Is the PubMed server down? I don’t think so as I can browse PubMed by my browser as ever.

Some security (firewall, virus checkers, etc) can block internet access for certain programs.

That’s the thing I would check first. Everything here (X3, Pubmed, Win XP SP3) is working fine, so I don’t think it is related to Endnote’s version or update problems.

It’s better to call Teck support to figure out machine-specific problems.

Message Edited by myoshigi on 01-03-2010 12:33 PM

No it was not exactly the solution, but the problem is solved. Miraculously, after practising manual import for a while, I suddenly realized that the connection via EndNote worked. I suppose the NLM server took some days off during the holiday season though I didn’t found about it in any other forums probably because the server was rarely used during this period.

Many thanks anyway.