Problems with endnote search using PubMed connection file

I’m not sure if this problem has been brought up before / has been posted on a different thread but,
when I try search on the PubMed connection file through EndNote, I get one of the problems below:

  1. the endnote says it has found articles, and then when I ask endnote to show results, it displays some of the search results and then stops, and gives me “error reading records.” leaving me with only part of the search results (eg. "retrieved 120 out of 496)
  2. when I start the search, EndNote attempts to find results, but before any articles are found I get an error message saying  “error searching for records. message from remote server: windows error: 12002. Message: “the operation timed out”.”

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the computer as I have tried the same search on another computer and have received the same error messages, I am guessing something is wrong with the PubMed connection??? I’m not sure exactly…
If anyone has a solution to this, it would be much appreciated

This does not appear to be an endnote issue. I have reproduced your problems in 3 different programs.

The problem seems to be at Pubmed’s end. They seem to be experiencing some major on and off downtimes over the past few hours.

thank you for your input,
I have also come to think that it is some kind of a problem on the PubMed’s end.
hopefully the problem will be fixed soon if it is from PubMed’s end

Actually the problem with pubmed connection is not related to pubmed being down or slow. I get various incorrect results from  searches with know results and error messages. Direct connection to pubmed works fine simultaneously. Interestingly Bookends gives similar problems as i finally downloaded a trial version (following years of buggy endnote use).

I am guessing a change to the pubmed site has created a problem. Since this thread has been read by others, the problem is likely not limited to myself and  one other newbie.

Any ideas or solutions are appreciated 

Either it is sporatic, or someone fixed something? Yesterday afternoon (at work with X), I had sporatic errors, but some went thru, last night (at home with X2) I was having problems and I couldn’t even connect, but this morning (at work, with X) all seems well. And gconnor is correct;  when I couldn’t connect thru endnote, I had no problem searching pubmed from their website, so it is an interface problem (which isn’t z39.50 protocol based according to some distant memory I have?), and not a problem with their website in general. 

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may be it is sporadic? coz it’s working fine now… (not complaining, since i can finish my work now :D)
and just like what gconner said, when I couldn’t search with endnote, the direct search on PubMed website worked fine… still not sure what the exact problem was but hopefully it doesn’t happen often, or better yet, hope the problems never occurs again…
Thank you all for your replies =), it helped a lot


the best selection that i resolve my problem,

  1. delete internet expolrer (probebly version 10)
  2.  install version 8
  3. for delete v10 in click start menu, write “appwiz.cpl” <enter
  4. in opened window in left side click “view installed updates”
  5. wait for some time now right click on Window internet Explorer 10 or 9. click uninstall.god luck