Consecutive footnotes

Hi, I am using the Oxford-Author Style. I chose “Ibid.,” for Consecutive Citations, but in the footnotes within the text “Ibid.,)” keeps appearing. What can I do to remove the “)” sign?



The “floating bracket” is one of the perennial problems with EndNote footnote styles.

First, check which type of reference causes this problem. Is it only Journal Articles?

In EndNote, click on Edit>Output Styles>Edit "Oxford…

When the style edit window opens, go to the Footnotes heading in the left-hand frame and select the “Templates” section.

Now in the right-hand frame, find the Journal Article template.

Wherever you see a bracket, make sure there is a vertical bar | on either side of the bracket. You can insert the vertical bar from your keyboard or by using the “Insert Field” button and selecting “Forced Separation.”

Close the edit window and save the changes when prompted.

When you return to Word and reformat the references, the floating bracket should have disappeared. But be warned, if you add page numbers to your Ibid. using the Edit Citations function, you will get an extra space before the page number. I think you will also find some other spacing problems.

Using EndNote with footnote styles is always a challenge.