Endnote automatically inserts a ( after I cite a source in the footnotes

How do I stop Endnote from automatically inserting an open parentheses after a consecutive footnote citation? I have designed my own template for a specific reference type and it didn’t use to do this. However, I changed it around today to include some more information and now the parentheses automatically appear. The reference style is set up as follows:

Author, Title in Editor (ed.),^(eds.), Secondary Title|, trans. Translator|, Number of Volumes vols.| (|Volume|; Place Published|: Publisher|, Year)

The problem appears in consecutive footnotes, when the second one will come out as Ibid. (   If it is from the exact same page as the previous citation, I don’t need the (. How do I get rid of this? Thanks.


This is the ancient, time-honoured EndNote “floating bracket” feature. See this post.

Thanks for the help. I will see if that solves my problem. In looking at the template I posted, where exactly do you mean to place the forced separations?


I would try something like this:

Author, Title in Editor*(ed.),^(eds.), Secondary Title|,*trans.*Translator|,*Number of Volumes*vols. |(|Volume; Place Published: Publisher|,*Year|)|

The asterisk indicates the Link Adjacent Text character. You normally need the forced separation on both sides of the brackets surrounding the publisher details. The brackets for the editor probably aren’t causing any problem. You may have to try a few different configurations.