Ibid. (in repeated citations) appearing with a space following (footnote styles)

Oddly, in my self-designed style, “Ibid.” appears with a trailing space. There is no extra space in the style specification. In fact, it seems identical to Chicago 15A, which produces no trailing space. I have checked “Replace repeated data with” under both categories, and no short form checked at the top. (Checking it makes no difference.)

I wonder where else EndNote is getting the instruction to add a space?  

Thanks in advance.
Looking more closely, I see that this is intermittent: some refs add spaces, others don’t, but consistently so. No idea why.

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See this thread.

I’m glad that this issue is being raised fairly frequently now. This suggests that EndNote is being used more widely in the humanities. I hope this will give the developers some incentive to fix the long-standing problems with footnote styles, such as the “trailing space” and the “floating bracket.”