Eliminating trailing spaces behind Ibid. and repeated citations

Now that Pages and Endnote are finally cooperating (although ONLY in documents that originated in Pages – my documents converted from Word to Pages are not working, but that’s another story), I’ve run into an issue with trailing spaces.  I’m using a slightly modified Chicago style for my dissertation, with “Ibid.” for consecutive citations.  So far it is inserting Ibid. where it should be, but with an extra space after the period that I can’t figure out how to get rid of.  This is obviously a problem when the second consecutive citation is for a different page number.  The same thing is happening with abbreviated citations that are non-consecutive – I get the authors and abbreviated title just fine, but again there is a trailing space.  Does anyone know how to eliminate these?  Thanks a lot!

I’m using: MacBook Pro, Pages 4.0.1, Endnote X2


Perhaps the above link with help.