Consecutive references by the same author,

I am stuck in a trivial problem with no solution working in Endnote

I have two references by the same author

  1.  Keall P    “Name of paper 1”   2004

  2. Keall P, Richard T, …             2006

What i want is that in my text the citation should appear

Keall 2004,2006

Howver it is printing it separatley like  Keall 2004, Keall 2006 and i suspect that is because of the different second author

I generated two dummy references by the same author (only first author no second author)

for that ENDnote is soing what i want.

Has any one encountered this probelm.

Your help will be appreciated 

In WORD, highlight the citation, then click “Edit and Manage Citation.”  Wording may vary depending on the versions of WORD and Endnote you use. A dialog box will open. Select the appropriate citation and check the box “Exclude Author.”


Thanks Emily

Reallu useful suggestion and it works pretty well