Multiple citations from the same author

Hi guys,

When I use the same author, but different sources, the reference list of the word drops the second author.

For example (Harvard Style), 

I want : James 2017a, ‘Journal Paper’, …

             James 2017b, ‘Science Facts’, …

But, my word shows,

James 2017a, ‘Journal Paper’, …

ㅡ 2017b, ‘Science Facts’, …

I want to keep the author for the second reference. How can I fix it?

Thank you.

The setting you would want to change is in the style.

In EndNote you can go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager > locate the style you are using > Click Edit > go to Author Lists under Bibliography > here change the setting under For Subsequent Works by the Same Author change the setting to “Print Author List as defined above”. > go To File > Save As > (EndNote will not allow you to change the existing style in EndNote but will always apply the change to a copy of the style) Click Save to save the changes to a copy of the style > close the style window.

You would then switch styles in Word using the steps on our website.

Thanks Tony!

It’s a really big help!!

Have a great day!

I am trying to do a similar thing. I am trying to format a citation as: Poulos and Mattes (1969a, 1969b). But I get: Poulos and Mattes (1969a), (1969b) by excluding the author in the second citation in the format menu.

How do I combine the year citations into the parentheses? 

Thanks in advance.

Are they inserted as two separate citations, separated by a space?  If so, remove the space?  

No, I inserted them as a single citation by highlighting them both and inserting them.

Problem solved thanks to the information on this page.