Conversion of database to version 11

I have a database, used for many years in various versions, that when I opened it, asked for upgrade from Version 8 to Version 11.  I wonder why I got this message only now? 

This happens to me every now and then. I’ve been curious about this, too. I suspect that you imported records from an online source that used an older RM file standard. Sometimes after I have 1) imported records into an RM database; 2) closed my database; and then 3) re-opened it I receive the same message. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t been able to identify a pattern. Perhaps, this is related to using an old import filter.

I use RM every day. Thus, this has happened to me quite a number of times. I’ve never had any problems as a result of the 8 to 11 conversion. 


When you open an RM11 database and RM11 prompts you to convert it, your index file may be damaged.  You would want to use the steps in this FAQ to rebuild the database:

Thanks! Both good ideas.

I would like more information on why the Convert message happens, when the original database was created in RM 11. Our group has about ten Reference Manager users (network version), and we have had the convert message 10 times in the last two months with different people and with different databases. Why does it happen so often, and is there anything we should be doing to stop or prevent this? 

One poor person in particular gets the message much more often; about every other week. Should I re-install RefMan for her or is that unlikely to help?

Thank you for any suggestions,