Conversion of old EndNote version to EndNote X6


I hope you can help!

I have just recently installed EndNote X6. I tried to open an old EndNote library I had (I think it may be version 5?). When I opened the file in X6, there were only 15 references in the library, when I am sure there were 80-100 references the last time I opened it (about 5 years ago).

I have tried:

-The File -> Open option

-The File -> Import option

-The same options with X5

but to no avail :frowning:

Does anyone have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated! *fingers crossed*

Thank you all in advance,


Does X6 say it needs to convert the library to a new format?  If so that would be pre-Endnote 8.   If not, then you probably have a library created Endnote8 or later.

If you don’t get the “convert” prompt.  then:

Do you have a backup copy of the library-name.DATA folder?  If you have the .DATA folder (not one that you ceated/altered after trying to open the file with ENX6) you might be able to rescue the library.  .