Changing from Endnote X4 to X5

I just installed the Endnote X5 and tried to open my library which was build with Endnote X4. However, the it said “the file could not be opened” and I get more than 280 references with their corresponding pdf in it. I dont know what I should do or should just go back to use Endnote X4, obviously I do not want to retype all the reference and build a new library with Endnote X5.

Did you move the library before trying to open it?  – if so, you need to find the original “libraryname.DATA” folder.  It is more important the .enl file.  In fact, if you create an empty libraryname.enl file (with a text only program like notepad) in the same folder as the .DATA folder resides, Open the “empty” file and you should restore the library to its former glory. 

BTW, if you purchased X5 recently (just prior to the release in August of EndNote X6), you should contact Customer Service to see if you may qualify for a free upgrade to EndNote X6.

Customer Support:

I did not move the files and the “” is together with the “libraryname.enl” in the common file. I had solved the problem last night by accidentally finding out that the library can be read in X5 when I open the same library in Endnote X4 and X5 at the same time.

In case anyone gets the same problem maybe you can try what I did (as one of my friends also experienced that). Tools → Recover Library, and Endnote X5 can read the new library that is recovered from the library built with X4.

Thank you very much for you kind help!

P.S. my institute provides us with free access to Endnote, however they still haven’t updated to X6 ><!