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this question might seems a bit weird but is it possible to convert references created with Endnote in a Word document to Word-Endnotes?

The background is that I have a colleague with whom I share documents but he doesn’t use Endnote. And I don’t want to miss Endnote for creating the initial document.

I’m using Word 2007 under WinXP.



What is Word-Endnotes? Can you elaborate more clearly?

If this is referring to the built-in bibliographic / reference capabilities that are part of MS Word 2007, then the answer is no. At least, there is nothing specifically in EndNote that enables Word to interpret EndNote-created citations and bibliographies. There may be something in Word that enables this.

It is possible to convert things going the other way - meaning that EndNote is able to convert MS Word-created XML-based citations and import them into EndNote.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Hi myoshigi. Please excuse, when the question was not clear. As Jason assumed, my question concerns exactly this built-in feature. My problem is that I cannot convince my co-worker to use EndNote and thus am stuck with the Word capabilities. As it looks like I have to convert the document by hand.

Thanks for your replies


I don’t know how Word 2007 works, but when I collaborate with someone who doesn’t use Endnote, I just provide the document unformated (in the curley bracketed form) with a Bibliography which includes the Record Number (I have a style that does that attached below), and unlink the fields.  Then I get it back from the collaborator to make the final version.  If they insert the word-endnotes, and Jason is correct, you can import their new references into your library.  You would then need to insert the endnote version, I guess, although there might be a way to convert them into Endnote readable format, thru judicious use of replace commands, if there were a lot?  getting them into {Author, Year} would be enough for endnote to bring up the likely suspects, to make it pretty painless.

I attached my style.  It formats with square brackets, just so the formatted references don’t try to get interpreted by the curley bracketed CWYW.  – When I go to reformat the unlinked field version, I need to change my preferences to the square bracketed option, and choose a new style. 

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