Change footnotes to endnotes


How do I move all my footnotes (in Chicago) so they just cluster at the end of the document, before the bibliography? It’s for a conference presentation and just want simpler layout for the document. thanks

Converting footnotes to endnotes is a function performed by MS Word.  Using Word 2010 as the example (and a backup copy of the document), perform the following:

  1. In the MS Word ribbon locate the “References” tab and click the tiny arrow located in the lower right corner which causes the “Footnote and EndNote” dialog box to appear. (Refer to attached image.)

  2. Click the Convert button which displays the “Convert Notes” dialog box to appear.

  3. Note that“Convert all footnotes to endnotes” is the selected option. Click OK to perform the conversion. (Note that you may need to manually move the converted endnotes so they appear before the bibliography.)

  4. Click OK to exit from the “Footnote and EndNote” dialog box.

thanks, that’s fine, but they appear after the bibliography and I’ve been unsuccessful trying to manually move either the bibliography or the endnotes. Ideas? thanks

Are you:“cutting” then pasting the emdnotes so they appear before the bibliography? If so and they aren’t stating in their designated location, as a workaround:

  1. After converting the footnotes to endnotes, make a copy of the document then convert it to  text document which permanently removes the EndNote field codes (which is why you should use a backup file copy),  You can then copy and paste the bibliography following the endnotes. 

  2. Another possibility, although untested, is to insert two section breaks before the bibliography then cut and paste the endnotes in-between the two section breaks.

I couldn’t get it to work.  Endnotes go after the section breaks too.  The only way I could see to get the endnotes before the bibliography was either CG’s final edit   – or submit it as is.  I think the publisher should be able to sort it out, if they need it flipped. I was able to just cut and paste it at the end after the endnotes, but it just creates a new bibliography if i was still writing and inserted a new endnote.