convert to endnote linked document


i sent my document for editing service. The editor returned the edited-document to me. However, the document is in plain text. The edited document is no longer linked to the endnote.

i would like to know how to link the plain text back to endnote linked document.

thank you


Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this.  How long is the document and how many refs are used?  If this is essential, the method you employ will depend on these parameters.  Are they numbered or author, year format? 

If it isn’t too long, comparing the document to an unformatted version of the manuscript you sent to the editor might be the easiest mechanism and accepting the editor alterations, but accepting your citations, in the compare version.  I have done this by first searching for curly brackets and accepting those and rejecting the parenthetical versions, then you can go thru the editors changes and accept (or reject!) them, or just select them all.  The only thing to watch for are citations that occur in text that has been deleted. 

Good luck and let us know how it goes…


I returned the document to editor. The editor fixed it. But, another problem appear. As the library is very big (1012 references), it takes time everytime i insert an citation. How to solve this problem so that i can write and cite fast.

Thank you.


@sting wrote:

… As the library is very big (1012 references), it takes time everytime i insert an citation. How to solve this problem so that i can write and cite fast.



Your library isn’t that large so unclear how long it takes to insert the citations.  You didn’t indicate the version of EndNote you’re using but check that your version does contain any applicable software updates. (Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Help > EndNote Program Updates.)

A workaround is to turn-off the Cite While You Write (CWYW) function so EndNote inserts temporary citations (curly brackets) while you’re working. Then when you’re ready to change the temporary citations to their final form just turn CWYW back on and update the citations.

Lags in endnote inserting citations can often be caused by a corrupted citation, and from the history of this document, that is a very possible scenario.  So, I would run thru the “cleanup” procedure that is described in the answer to the CWYW FAQ 15 on this page:

I do wish that the “webmaster” for the endnote cite (hee hee) would provide a mechanism where we could actually point to the “answer” without the link triggering a

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error from the kbportal site!  I really dislike the new interface and wish that the old webpages were still in existence.  They were much simpler to find what you needed quickly and were user friendly to link to.  All the answers in these forums from the past are now also dead links!