converting footnotes to endnotes

Hi All, 

Total endnote rookie. Writing my thesis and nearly done. A couple of issues I’m having…

  1. I mistakenly used footnotes instead of endnotes (we were told to use Vancouver referencing style). Am now converting them and no issues for the majority, but my most recently added references won’t convert. I right click the reference and it brings up the ‘cut, copy, paste, update field, font, paragraph, bullets and numbering’ drop down rather than the one with the option of “convert to endnote”… any ideas??? 

  2. Now that I’ve converted to endnotes, the numbering is all roman numerals. I feel like this would be fine for a smaller amount of references, but when there are hundreds it just looks messy, particularly when using multiple references for a paragraph/sentence. I am not having any luck converting to normal numbering (Arabic?)

Thanks so much, in advance.