Copy & Paste of Text


I’m using an online library which generates import files for EndNote X3. Unfortunately the “DOI” field is copied to the field “Type of Work”. Is there a chance to select the affected entries and copy and paste the content from the “Type of Work” field to the “DOI” field?

And is it possible to select some references and paste some new keywords in it? (There are now keywords at the moment and I can’t find and replace with empty text.)


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Can you attach a copy of the exported file (you may have to change the file type to .txt to do that.  Tell us what the original file name was.  A filter can probably be adapted to get the proper tags to the proper fields. 

Also there is a change a move field option (under tools), which could be used to move the DOI to the correct place in records already in the library.  You can also use that option to add keywords to a selection of records.