Copying references into a library on a different computer

Is it possible to copy references in one library and take them to a different EndNote library on a different computer? (I do not want to copy the whole library and take it to a different computer. I seem to lose groups, etc. in the process, and it is cumbersome.)

Version of Endnote program please - on both computers, but particularly on the originating computer?  You will not transfer their “groups” unless you take the whole compressed library from one computer to the other.  In X3 you can compress just one part, or one group and import that into another endnote library.  But it will have new record numbers and not match manuscripts.  But I think if you compress a part of an X3 library (with or without attachments) that compressed file (named as .enlx file) those records will retain the original record numbers when the program uncompresses it on the other computer. 

Remember when moving a library you need the .enl file and the whole .DATA folder.  The compression (File>compress or send in earlier versions) included the important information form the .DATA folder and re-creates it in its new home. 

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Thank you for the reply. I am using EndNote on three different computers (2 Macs and 1 Windows) (because I have three offices where I have to use it), thus I transfer references/libraries between these three computers, from every direction. The version on the Macs is X1, and the one on the Windows, I don’t remember exactly, but I bought it last year, I think, so it must be pretty new. In terms of transferring libraries, I have been copying both .enl and .data, so there shouldn’t be a problem…

The reason you are losing group information may be due to the version differences between machines. Group function has been evolving every version upgrade, so backward/forward compatibility is not really guaranteed at all.

But, before that, why don’t you work with a flash drive or external portable hard drive, and work on the single library? Then, you don’t need to copy or synchronize your data between machines. All you need is the discipline of routine back up.

Another suggestion is, if you are working more than 3 machines, consider introducing NAS RAID drives. Price is dropping, and the speed is really good. Of course, it gives you extra security about data loss.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I understand what you mean. Maybe I should just do that, in which case, should I just copy .enl and .data and use them on all computers? (Or do I need to copy more files/folders?) Even now, I actually do use just one library, as you suggest, since, after working on a library, I make a copy of it and take it to another computer and add it to the library folder in the new computer. I guess I wanted to transfer just the references I worked on to a different computer.

(By the way, I wasn’t using the “compress” function when transferring libraries. I was simply dragging .enl files and .data folders into my USB memory to move them to a different computer. Should I be doing something else?)

I’m not 100% sure about what you are trying to do, but do you mean you wan to copy some references you “appended” to the libarry in one computer to another computer? But, all you need is to copy .enl file and the associated .data folder with the same name. Everything should be exactly copied, including group information. If not, it should be Mac-PC problem, or version inconsistency problem.

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