Groups dissapear when copying library


When I copy my endnote library from one computer to another,

the groups dissapear.

How do I import the groups together with the rest of the reference info?

thank you

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My recommendation would be to globally edit each group to put the group name in a customizable field and then recreate the group in the new library.  You might also trie to do automate it in some way with the smart groups facility, but I haven’t worked too much with those. 

I suspect that you are just copying the .enl file.

The groups are stored in the DATA folder, not the .enl file. Use the function (under the File menu in EndNote) to create a compressed library (.enlx file). Open this file on the other computer, and your groups should be preserved.

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That’s true, I was only copying the .enl

sending to compressed library solved it.


Thanks!!! Problem solved!