X4 - MOVING LIBRARY - group structure disappears when lib moved to 2nd machine

How do I move the library too and fro between machines whilst retaining the group structure please?

I am currently evaluating EndNote X4. I have installed it on both my office PC and on my laptop. I have created a library on the PC, with several Group Sets each with three or four Groups. I have moved the library file to my laptop and opened it. All the references are present in “All References” but the entire Group structure that I created is absent.

What if anything am I doing wrong please? Am I missing something?

How did you move it? by compressing and uncompressing?  That should maintain the structure.  If the other machine has an earlier version of the software, groups feature have become more powerful, but the additional features, if utilized, might not transfer very easily.  - oh, but you said they both have X4, so that is probably not the problem. 

When moving any EndNote library you need to move both the .enl file and the associated .data folder. Otherwise there will be problems and some data or organizational elements of your EndNote library will not function properly.

Using the ‘File - Compressed Library’ option within EndNote creates a .enlx file that compressed the .enl and .data folder together for easier portability.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thank you Jason, I was not aware that additional files had to travel with the Library in order for its full structure to transfer. I have just used the Compress Library facility and now have all my Groups on my laptop. Your help is appreciated.

The swift response here will certainly help me make a decision whether to adopt EndNote when the time comes.