Transferring library between two different licenced endnotes


I am about to buy the software but want to transfer an all ready created library to new software (end note).

So, I wonder whether it is possible Transfer a created library from one computer to another one that has also an endnote but ofcourse with a different licence number?



EndNote libraries can be used on different computers.  If the library was created with EndNote 8 or higher, you need to transfer both the .enl file and the .Data folder for the library.  So if your library was called “Library” you would transfer the “Library.enl” file and “Library.Data” folder to the other computer.

Starting with EndNote X, you can simplify this by going to “File > Send To > Compressed Library” when you have the library open in EndNote.  This will create a single .enlx file.  You can then transfer just the .enlx file to the other computer.

Mac and Windows libraries are compatible with each other as they are in the same format.