Corporate Author with commas in the name.

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How do you enter a corporate author’s name that has commas in the middle of it?  e.g. Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development?

From Endnote (X2.01)'s help file:

Corporate Authors

When entering corporate authors, put a comma after the name:

 U.S. Department of Agriculture,

 Apple Computer Inc.,

This ensures that the entire name is treated as a first name, so no name manipulation will be applied.


If your corporate author name includes a comma in the name itself, use two commas in place of the first comma:

University of California, Irvine


EndNote treats this as a last name followed by a blank first name.  Then,  everything after the (blank) first name is appended, including a second comma in the name.  The formatted result is the corporate name with the commas in place.

Leanne’s suggestion works for the formatting of a corporate author in a reference list, but unfortunately anything that follows the double comma will be omitted from an in-text citation. So in your case, you would have to enter the author name as Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development to get a proper bibliography entry, but the in-text citation would then appear as (Alberta Agriculture). 

The issue was discussed on this thread:

Thanks for the reminder.  Senior moment and I forgot those complications!

If you do not have to cite author names in the body of your paper, an elegant way to solve this problem for purposes of formatting your bibliography is to treat each portion of the corporate author’s name as a separate name.  For instance, in the EN record, this author:

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,


National Academies of Sciences,
and Medicine,

And in the bibliography, it ends up looking just like the above.

If you use an author-year citation style, you would need to amend your citations.  For us, that’s a non-issue, as we typically use numbered citations.

How would you do “National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the European Science Foundation” please?

Edit: Managed to do it after a lot of hair pulling. Entered it as “National Academies of Sciences,, Engineering, and Medicine, and the European Science Foundation” all on one line and only one double comma. Phew!

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