corrupted fields in my document, how do I 'clean' it?

I think I have corrupted fields in my doument, how do I ‘clean’ it?

2 years ago you posted an answer with a link that is no longer avaiable…

It is possible that your document has corrupt field codes in it.  We have a FAQ on our web site that gives the steps to remove all of the field codes and clean up the document.  You should first make a backup of your Word document and then follow the steps in the FAQ at: (a link that no longer exists)

apparently RefMan is duplicating the references and creating databases from the word documents I’m using!!

Whenever I use ‘insert a citation’, the reference appears twice. One in the database I’m using (database: Thesis) and the other in the durrent word document (database: thesis_v1.docx).

that only happens with some word documents…Whats going on???

That knowledge base article can be found here:

For future reference, our Frequently Asked Questions can be found here now:

You can search the Knowledge Base on this page: