Corrupted code after incorrectly deleting in-text citations

When I first started writing my research proposal I did not realise that I needed to go to ‘Edit Citation’ button to correctly delete in-text citations (it was a while before I realised this). I was highlighting and deleting these using the delete key on my keyboad. The first I realised I had an issue on my hands was the very slow saving of changes I made when I added or edited an in-text citation to this Word file. Sometimes I would be waiting nearly a minute for one change to be saved. I struggled through with this corrupt file until I submitted my research proposal, but now that I need to use the file again, I need a way to repair the file or use it in some form.

So far I have been unsuccessful in trouble shooting this issue. I have saved the file with NO CODE and tried deleting each in-text citation and the bibliography and re-inserting each all over again. HOWERVER, every time I go to do this Endnote attempts to convert unformatted citations and select matching references. Each time I press cancel the program reacts by shutting down Word. This is very frustrating.

Any ideas on where I could go from here, either by repairing the old file or inserting references in the new file???

I think you should first try unformating the endnote fields to the temporary kind. You haven’t said which operating system or word processing version you are using - this is either on the Endnote ribbon, “Convert Citations and Bibliography (dropdown>, convert to unformated citations”  or the tool in Mac or Word 2003 and earlier.  

but this is unlikely to work on corrupted citations.  Then use the convert citations and bibliography “to plain text” or remove field codes.  I actually like to do this with the Word version, which removes all field codes, not just Endnote’s - select all, (Ctrl+A) then (Ctrl+Shift+F9 on a windows machine).  This should remove any corruptions and then you may need to search for parenthetical citations that weren’t unformated and reinsert those.  

If this doesn’t make sense, you could PM me (I am another user, not Tech Support for Endnote!) and I could maybe arrange to look at your document.