Cost of EndNote Web?

OK, I got my registered EndNote all installed, set up, set up the EndNote Web, and backed everything up.

I noticed in doing so that my EN Web is a two year subscription.  I was curious what the renewal would cost or how it would work, but couldn’t find a price anywhere.

Any ideas?


Chuck Billow

I am interested in an End Note License for multiple users (800( or for a team of 20 researchers. Could you please indicate me the prices for both cases.


Hello Gerardo,

Thanks for the post. Would you mind if someone from Sales contacted you with this information? Is the email listed on your account the best way to get in touch?

Thank you,

Meredith M. 

Yes. But, I need the information right now. I cannot waiting hours o days for the answer.

Yes, please send me a E-mail with the information. 


Chuck, I noticed your question has not been answered here. I also need this information. Can someone reply so others with the same question might also have access to this information without having to wait for a reply from sales? Thank you.

Because the pricing will depend on your setup, I would recommend contacting Sales directly:


8-5 PT, Monday through Friday

Actually, I think that Endnote Web is now Endnote Online and is free. (but I see that the subject doesn’t reflect the other questions – so you do need to contact sales for other situations.)