EndNote Web subscription?

Members of my institution have access to EndNote web because our Library has a subscription to Web of Knowledge. However we also have some computer rooms running EndNote Desktop which means that new users receive the automatic “would you like to integrate with EndNote Web?” message when running EndNote Desktop for the first time.

Does anyone know whether there are likely to be any problems if users create EndNote Web accounts by responding to this message rather than by going from WoK in a browser or going direct to www.myendnoteweb.com on a machine within the institution’s ip range?

Reason for querying this is that we had a user who created an EndNote Web account at another insitution and found that it lapsed because she had been away from that institution for more than a year even though she was using the account from our institution which has its own WoK subscription.

So - would EndNote web record in some way that an account was created from EndNote desktop and would it expire even though the user was connecting from within the institution?

Hi Rosemary, 

This is a great question, and is something I think we could make easier in the future. In the situation you described, it’s fine for users to create their accounts through either going to WoK or through the desktop integration. Using the desktop first is recommended, so that they can take advantage of features on the web that are only for desktop users. But it’s also easy to activate a pre-existing web account with the desktop. (PM me if you need instructions on that.) 

The association we make between an account and a university’s IP access is different. We pay attention to the first institution where the account is associated and always use that to determine access rights. If a person’s institution has changed, they’ll want to get in touch with tech support and have them change the institution in our systems. Here’s a link to the tech support contact form: http://ip-science.thomsonreuters.com/techsupport/?prodname=EndNote%25AE 

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EndNote Product Manager

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I would like to know if there is an email enable me to contact the director or person of endnote to get information about institutions subscription prices, 

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You can put in a request via the website to have a Sales Rep contact you by phone or email here: