Could you help to find a proper endotes output style for Journal of Management Studies?

 Dear experts,

Could you help to find a proper endotes output style for Journal of Management Studies?

I have attached the JMS formatting requirement.  Also i’d like to point out that i have found people posted similar solutions before and i tried the JMS styple shared by Leanne. However, the cition styple is weird. 

For example,  JMS requires styles : Jackson et al., 2008; Stevis, 2010, 

But the exisited JMS styple looks like: Jackson et al., 2008, p.^pp; Stevis, 2010, p.^pp. (there is always a extra  p.^pp at the end)

For the last bit, JMS requires styles : 

Christmann, P. (2004). 'Multinational Companies and the Natural Envir


onment: Determinants of Global Environmental Policy Standardization’. Academy of Management Journal, 47 , 747-760.

The exisited JMS styple looks like:

Christmann, P. (2004). Multinational Companies and the Natural Environment: Determinants of Global Environmental Policy Standardization. Academy of Management Journal, 47 , 747-760.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

For some reason i cannot upload any pdf file. The relevant link is…

Ok… for some reasons i cannot even include HTML in my post… the key words are ‘JMS Manuscript Preparation Guidelines’. Sorry for the extra leg work…



As in the other post.  I revised it (although it looks the same!) - but this one works.  

JMS-wiley 11-2017.ens (28.4 KB)

Dear Leanne,

Thank you for your promptly reply. The revised output styple has come really close to what JMS requires. There are only three discrepanies (highlighted), ‘&’ , astrophes (required by JMS before and after the aricle title) and hundredth digit of the volumn(if they are the same, it does not need to show up twice),  remained b/w the revised and the JMS styple.

Returned by the revised JMS- wiley 11-2017 ens: 

Christmann, P. & Taylor, G. (2006). Firm self-regulation through international certifiable standards: determinants of symbolic versus substantive implementation. Journal of International Business Studies, 37 , 863-878.

Required by JMS:

Christmann, P. and Taylor, G. (2006). ‘Firm self-regulation through international certifiable standards: determinants of symbolic versus substantive implementation’. Journal of International Business Studies,  37 , 863-78.

Hopefully i can get your help with this matter. Thank you again for your kindness and helpful suggestion!

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Once more into the breach. - but I only changed the apostrophies for the journal article title. Don’t know which other ref types might also require it.  Already were there for book section.  (p.s.  what if the page numbers were 120-127 , do they want 120-7 or 120-27  – Endnote can do either.  I did the later since you specified “hundreds”.  

Here is the manual, so you can see how you can make further modifictions are required.  Remember that the new style needs to be saved and then the manuscript ribbon needs to be changed to use it.

JMS-wiley 11-12-2017.ens (28.4 KB)

Dear Leanne, 

The biography section looks very good now! Thank you!!

If you could help me to edit the last bit of citation, huge thanks!!

  1. if there are two authors, ‘and’, instead of ‘&’, should be placed. and et al should be droped and surname of both authors should be included.

 the citation styple from the attached output style:  Christmann et al., 2006

JMS requires: Christmann and Taylor, 2006

Thanks !!! Looking forward to hearning from you, Leanne!



Thanks, Leanne!!

I promise you this is the last bit !

For citation in which at least three authors were include, the format is irregular. Sometimes first author’s surname and abbreviation( et al.) would show but other times the full name of the first author would show. For instance,

(the red-highlighted one needs to be corrected. (preferred style: Autor et al., 2017) I initially thought that might be something wrong with the enw source. But after i tried enw downloaded from the official web of the paper, results came out the same… So it can only be fixed via endnotes.)

 (Autor, David H et al., 2017; Snower et al., 2009)

Autor, D. H., Dorn, D., Katz, L. F., Patterson, C. and Van Reenen, J. (2017). ‘Concentrating on the Fall of the Labor Share’. Social Science Electronic Publishing, 107 , 180-85.

Snower, D. J., Brown, A. J. and Merkl, C. (2009). ‘Globalization and the welfare state: A review of Hans-Werner Sinn’s can Germany be saved?’. Journal of Economic Literature, 47 , 136-58.

Again very much looking forward to your reply :heart: and appreciate every bit of your help!!!

Best regard from Shanghai,


You need to make sure that both (or more) records in Endnote with that author, that you used in the manuscript is spelled exactly the same way. No spaces, not one with just initials and one with the full name.  Copy and paste it from one to the other, or Endnote will continue to “disambiguate” them as it doesn’t know that D. H. Autor is the same as David H Autor.  

 Wow, Thank you, Leanne. I followed your advice and fixed most of the problems! ! But Endnote tends to get confused when there are two authors with the same last name.   For instance:




Meyer, J. W. and Rowan, B. (1977). ‘Institutionalized organizations: formal structure as myth and ceremony’.American Journal of Sociology, 83, 340–63.


Meyer, K. E., Mudambi, R. and Narula, R. (2011). ‘Multinational enterprises and local contexts: the

opportunities and challenges of multiple embeddedness’. Journal of Management Studies, 48, 235–52.


Citation: (now  in my text)

Meyer, J. W. and Rowan, 1977

Meyer, K. E. et al., 2011


Citation: (JMS requires)

Meyer and Rowan, 1977

Meyer et al., 2011


Do you suggest that I should manunally change them in my paper or change the template ?


Thank you, Leanne!

Best Regards,



No, you don’t have to do this manually.   There is a way to change the output style to ignore the usual requirement of disambiguation of same surname but different authors. (and I attach the further modified style below.)  

This knowledge base article discusses this in more detail.

style editing manuals: 

JMS-wiley 11-15-2017 nodisambiguation.ens (28.4 KB)

Thanks Leanne for your help!

It is a job well done! 

Have a nice day.:heart:

Best regards,


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