Why two output styles J Ecology and J Ecology (UK)?

Can anyone explain why there are two output styles instead of just J Ecology.ens alone?

After checking WorldCat and Ulrich’s 40th ed., there seems to be only one journal entitled Journal of Ecology, which is the U.K. title ISSN 0022-0477. Further, the EndNote output styles are similar, which suggests to me that they are meant for the same journal.

(We are using EndNote X1.0.1 rather than the most recent X2 version; but I notice that both these styles are still listed on EndNote support Web site).



I am sure it is an error.  One is in the Science group and the other in the Ecology group.  The UK version does not include spaces between the initials while the non-UK version does.  Otherwise I don’t see a difference.  Comparisons of this kind can be done using the Style Info/Preview toggle button option, which shows a couple dummy references formated according to the style,  when “viewing” all the styles.

Thanks, Leanne. I also suspect that it is a mistake - I had noted the similarities you mention. It would be great to have a more “official” confirmation, though!



Well, I think (and I suspect I have said it somewhere here before) that it would be dangerous to assume that a style is correct in every detail.  Some of these are so old, they predate the internet!  (Well, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but not much!). 

That being said, I have yet to have a paper rejected because the full stop was in the wrong place!  Journals too have software to fix our idiosyncrasies.