Journal of Applied Ecology output style (J Applied Ecology.ens) - revised version

The existing output style does not seem to match the requirements of the journal. Attached is a modified output style.

Changes are based on the journal’s notes to authors and referencing practice found in recent issues. Where I have found variation in practice (e.g. reports with or without publication details; URLs given alone, preceded by “Available from” or “Available from”, or enclosed in < > ) I have tried to accommodate different practice (reports) or go with what seemed the commonest (URLs). Changes made are (also listed in the “About this Style” section of the Output Style): 

* comma after author surname removed in in-text citation, e.g. “(Smith, 2000)” now appears as “(Smith 2000)”

* et al. in in-text citations now italicised

* et al. applied for papers with more than 3 authors (previously set to more than 2)

* authors separated by ", " and " & " before last author, e.g. “(Ball, Wood & Armstrong 2007)” not “(BallWood and Armstrong 2007)” as previously formatted

* no space between initials of authors’ names in the reference list

* “ed”, “eds” appearing as “(ed^(eds” corrected.

* Journal article’s title no longer italicised

* Thesis title now italicised
* Report template added

* Web page template added

* “Anonymous” added as author to papers without author names. ("Anonymous " should be added as a prefix in in-text citations). Example in journal: v. 45, no.4, p. 1038.

* “Available from URL” added to all reference types

Hoping this is helpful to others,


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