Help! JOSPT (Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy) Output Style?

Hello All,

Has anyone created the output style for JOSPT? If so, could you forward this to me? That would be extremely helpful.


Do you want output style exactly matches with the journal’s instruction, or are you willing (or able) to modify from close template? If the latter is  the case, copy the journal’s instruction for formatting, or paste a link to the publisher’s site. I can find close one here:


Thank you for your help on this. The link for authors to this journal is:   

Also, of note, there is a link on this page to “Download JOSPT EndNotes Reference Style .” However, I am not sure what to do with this file. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, if the journal already has endnote style definition file ( .ens file), that’ll be easy. Just download the file to the folder that is setup by the preference. Open style manager to show it up. Then, select the style from pull down menu by “select another style”. Is it easy enough?

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